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I find cheap wholesale apartment properties for real estate investors worldwide.

Qualified and Discounted Apartment Deal Flow
Deals from US and Canada
Zero Rehab to Complete Rehab
Class A, B, C or D

I use a unique marketing system that allows me and my associates to find, qualify and place under contract some of the very best “below market” apartment deals inthe United States

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Individual Investors welcome
Hedge Fund Investors welcome
International Buyers welcome
Brokers welcome

As of this writing, we have 1915 units under contract – ranging from 24 units to 334 units - all qualified, all well “below market,” and all priced for a quick sale.

We are not brokers but rather professional apartment entrepreneurs who know how to find, qualify and negotiate fantastic apartment deals at a discount to pass on to our Buyer-Investors as consistent and continuous deal flow.

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